Professional workshop in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Deputy State Secretariat for Consumer Protection of the Ministry of National Development in conjunction with the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection (HACP) is wishing to put great emphasis on the elaboration and deepening of professional cooperation with partner organizations of neighboring countries and of the region.

Commission improves safety of cosmetics

Today the Commission further strengthened the protection of consumers, in particular babies and young children. It adopted two measures restricting the use of three preservatives in cosmetic products.

"We have shown once again that the safety of consumers is paramount in every decision we take. Preservatives in cosmetics serve a valuable function ensuring that the products we use on a daily basis are free from pathogens. We need however to ensure that the preservatives guarantee the maximum degree of protection. With these measures consumers can be reassured that their cosmetics are safe," said the European Commissioner for Consumer Policy, Neven Mimica.

Continuous consumer controls at the Sziget Festival

The consumer protection inspectors continuously inspects the catering units of the Sziget. Official proceedings was launched in only one case – Zsuzsanna Fülöp, the spokesperson of the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection (HACP) told MTI. on Thursday in Budapest at the festival site.

In-app purchases: Joint action by the European Commission and Member States is leading to better protection for consumers in online games

Following a large number of complaints in EU countries concerning in-app purchases in online games and in particular inadvertent purchases by children, national authorities joined forces with the European Commission to find solutions. The coordinated enforcement action in the EU on in-app purchases in online and mobile games has made real progress in delivering tangible results.